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Try to anticipate when a light will turn red

dodano: 25 sierpnia, 10:08 przez brakepad03

  brake lining manufacturers With gas prices at nearly (or over) $4 per gallon, no one wants to use more gas than they absolutely have to. Getting good mileage is essential. In order to help save on gas, try out these strategies as you are driving:

  · Coast to a stop. Try to anticipate when a light will turn red and take your foot off of the gas, letting your vehicle coast to a stop instead of braking hard. This increases your fuel economy.

  · Check your tire pressure. If your tires are not properly inflated, the low pressure increases resistance while driving. This will cause you to use more gas while driving.

  · Keep the speed limit in mind. Studies have shown that driving at 55 mph gives you 21% better mileage than driving at a higher speed. Also, the faster you drive, the more wind resistance your vehicle must overcome.

  · Close your windows when driving at high speeds. Open windows cause air drag, which can reduce your mileage dramatically. At speeds above 50 mph, it is more gas-efficient to run the air conditioner on hot days.

  · Remove excess weight from the vehicle. Never carry extra seats, unnecessary tires or heavy parts, or any other excess weight. This extra weight reduces mileage.

  · Plan and combine errands. You use your gas more efficiently when you run all of your errands at once. In addition, try to run errands in off-peak hours when there will be less traffic, as this will improve your mileage.

  · Use a GPS system. Find the route with the shortest travel distance that has few hills and stops.

  · Drive at a consistent speed. Try not to brake hard or accelerate quickly. Use cruise control when possible to maintain your speed. This will help increase your gas mileage.

  · Keep your engine tuned-up. A well-tuned engine will have better gas mileage. Make sure your car has passed the emissions test and that it has good spark plugs and a clean air filter.

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